Kent County Sheriff's Office

  • Kent County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young
  • Over 25 Community Services Staff working with townships and schools each day
  • K9 Officer Jack, a young German Shepherd, looks up to the camera
  • Over 650 full time employees
  • A Kent County Sheriff's Office cruiser parked on a covered bridge in the snow
  • KCSO deputies patrol 735 square miles and responded to 60,000 incidents in 2021
  • A close-up shot of a deputy's KCSO arm patch in the foreground of the image, a cruiser parked in the background
  • Five KCSO employees stand in a row facing the camera - They are wearing various uniforms associated with their duties
  • First Kent County jail constructed in 1835
  • KCSO processes 1,100 calls per 24 hours on average
  • The full KCSO tactical team stands in front of one of their vehicles - Several of the officers hold awards
  • Kent County Correctional Facility - 15 housing units, 1,477 beds
  • KCSO established in 1836
  • Our team of professionals at KCSO will serve with integrity, compassion, and empathy
  • A smiling child wears KCSO protective gear that is much too large for him; An officer looks on in amusement
  • Contact us (for non-emergencies) through the KCSO app, Twitter, or Facebook
  • K9 Officer Blu, a young German Shepherd, stands in front of a cruiser and looks out to the viewer
  • In 2021, the KCSO processed 387,000 calls
  • Serving 653,000 residents over 872 square miles

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Kent County Sheriff's Office is to preserve and protect the safety and security of the residents of Kent County and to provide for a safe and secure correctional facility.


The Kent County Sheriff's Office provides general law enforcement and corrections operations to the community.

The Sheriff's law enforcement responsibility is both criminal and civil enforcement, which includes the detection of activity as well as the investigation of reported incidents. This is accomplished with the enforcement division. In addition, the Sheriff maintains a communication center to facilitate emergency call answering for the county. This, along with maintaining minimum training standards, is accomplished within the communications and technology division. Finally, the jail is maintained by the Sheriff and provision must be made for a secure and constitutionally correct facility. This is managed by the corrections division, which also includes a court security unit.

The Sheriff's Office maintains its own training center for its approximately 669 employees. The training center includes an indoor shooting range, a mock intake vestibule, a mock jail cell, and computerized training systems.

Strategic Goals

  • Continue to control the cost of providing service at the jail
  • Monitor and provide for contractual law enforcement responsibilities
  • Continue to provide alternative means to report criminal incidents such as on-line or telephone reporting
  • Develop statistical reporting with partner townships

Operational Goals

  • Provide high visibility police patrol and law enforcement through investigation of criminal, civil, and traffic matters
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism and service to the community
  • Ensure the safety and security of the community by operating a correctional facility that is governed by applicable State and Federal laws

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