Sheriff Department

Correctional Facility Staff

The staff of Kent County Correctional Facility is dedicated to the safety and security of the community. The operation of the facility is governed by the applicable state and federal laws while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and service.

We have approximately 210 sworn Correction Deputies assigned to the main facility and Transfer Crew/Court Security. The Command Staff includes 1 Captain, 7 Lieutenants and 19 Sergeants.

Command Staff

Capt. Klint Thorne
Oversees Facility Operations

Lt. Scott Nibbelink
Oversees Administrative duties of the Facility and PREA Coordinator

Lt. Aaron Case
Oversees Administrative Duties

Lt. Rick Coxon
Oversees Court Security and Transfer Operations

Lt. Tom Barnwell
Oversees shift operations

Lt. Lyndsie Cole
Oversees shift operations

Lt. Randy Dykema
Oversees shift operations

Lt. Emily Kalman
Oversees Shift Operations