Fiscal Services

Mission Statement

To provide an efficient cost-effective financial management system that facilitates sound financial planning and reporting while safeguarding the County's assets from loss; and to provide support services to other County departments.

Fiscal Services is responsible for all accounting, budgeting, and payroll activities. The department processes payroll for County employees, all accounts payable, and some invoicing for accounts receivable for County departments. Fiscal Services is also responsible for securing an annual financial audit. The department's budget division manages the development and maintenance of the County's annual budget and Capital Improvement Program. Fiscal Services also provides oversight to the Central Services, Fleet Services, Risk Management (see Other Functional Area, page D-122), and Purchasing offices.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop internal and external communications strategy
  • Grow/enhance a participative employee culture
  • Reduce cost of Kent County government operations; and
  • Diversify sources of revenue

Operational Goals

  • To coordinate the County's annual audit processes and ensure that a comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) is available for distribution within the State mandated time frame
  • To provide accurate and timely vendor and reimbursement payments
  • To prepare and maintain an operating and capital improvement budget that is responsive to the needs of the County
  • To provide accurate payroll information while meeting all federal, state and local reporting deadlines
  • To provide cost-effective document management services in support of County departments in a timely manner
  • To implement purchasing process improvements to increase efficiency through ongoing process review, standardization, and improved response in executing the Purchasing Mission
  • To maintain an adequate parts inventory to minimize the time vehicles are out of service
  • To provide a preventive maintenance program on a scheduled basis consistent with manufacturer and professional standards

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