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Substance Abuse Prevention

The Kent County Health Department has received permission from the Metropolitan Drug Commission in Knoxville, TN to utilize the resources on its website KCHD appreciates all of the work done by the Metropolitan Drug Commission and their willingness to share this information to educate the Kent County community on substance abuse issues.

Drug Informationsaplc

The links below will take the user to the website for additional information on the substances listed.

Preventing Substance Abuse:
What Parents Can Dodrug screening

Warning Signs of Abuse | 21 Tips for Parents | Disposing of Unused Medicines | Web Sites for Parents

Warning signs of alcohol and other drug abuse

The "tween" and teen years can be a difficult time for many kids. It may be hard for you as a parent to tell the difference between typical adolescent behavior and symptoms of drug use. If your child consistently exhibits the following warning signs, it could be that your child is taking drugs:

Some of these indicators can be caused by emotional problems or physical illness. Discuss the possibility with your child's doctor and, if necessary, take him in for a physical exam. If illness is not the problem, it's time to choose a course of action.

21 Tips for Parents from the Office of National Drug Control Policy

Get Involved
Learn to communicate
Walk the Walk
Lay down the law

Disposing of Unused Medicines

Unused medicines must be disposed of properly. Is it safe to flush them down the toilet or should they be thrown in the trash? Click HERE to find out how to properly dispose of old or unused prescriptions. For additional information and a list of local drug take back locations visit:

Web Sites for Parents

Too Smart To Start Start
(for the prevention of underage drinking and its related problems)
NIDA for Teens
(The Science Behind Drug Abuse)
Information for parents on
preventing substance abuse
Contains many materials for parents on
preventing substance abuse in children
Contains materials addressing the recent
trend among young people who are taking
large amounts of over-the-counter cough medicines
Resources for stopping cough medicine abuse
Research, education, and resources on
the benefits of eating dinner with your family
Created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
(a program of the National Drug Control Policy)
reflecting what teens across the country say is going on in their lives
Office of National Drug Control Policy
featuring White House drug policy
initiatives, programs and resources
Addiction411 - Information on Prescription
Drug Abuse and Addiction

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