Sheriff Department

Transfer & Court Security

The KCSD Court Security and Transfer Unit is responsible for the protection at court of all in-custody inmates within Kent County. This unit is comprised of twenty-eight deputies, two Sergeants and one Lieutenant. The Deputies serve not only 17th Circuit Court and 63rd District Court, but handle in-custody defendants and witnesses for preliminary examinations in 61st District Grand Rapids, 62nd A & B Wyoming and Kentwood, and 59th Grandville and Walker. Through this unit, the Sheriff Department also provides a law enforcement presence at the Kent County owned building at 82 Ionia NW.

In 2016, 12,397 in-custody subjects were transferred to court appearances.

In 2016, Deputies transported 1,989 persons to or from state prisons, mental health facilities, youth correctional institutions and county jails throughout the state. Medical, dental, and psychological appointments for in-custody persons are also facilitated by the Court Security & Transfer deputies. Last year, 360 in-custody persons, including juveniles, were transported for these types of events.

Assisting the Court Security & Transfer deputies are a group of thirty part-time deputies that comprise the Security Enforcement Officer Unit. These deputies provide building security for the Kent County Courthouse, 63rd District Courts and 82 Ionia NW. Last year these deputies were responsible for screening over 987,424 persons entering the Kent County Courthouse, 63rd District Court and 82 Ionia. In order to keep the buildings safe, they confiscated 16,937 potential weapons from persons being screened at security checkpoints.>

Command Staff

Captain Jeff DeVries
(616) 632-6187
Oversees the Transfer & Court Security Division

Lieutenant Rick Coxon
(616) 632-5502
In charge of daytime activities within the Transfer & Court Security