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Mission Statement

Our Vision

Implement sustainable materials management strategies to reduce dependency on landfill disposal.

Our Mission

Foster collaborative and innovative solutions that deliver value to our stakeholders by managing discarded materials to conserve natural resources and promote a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community.

Our Values

  • Employees are our most valuable resource and essential in delivering our mission.
  • Visitors, customers and employees will receive prompt, courteous service that exceeds expectations.
  • We will be innovative in our thinking, thoughtful in our planning and efficient in our execution.
  • Community leadership, transparency and public-private partnerships drive our business decisions.
  • We are committed to fostering a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion and equity. We believe that our unique differences enrich and empower the lives of all and we will work collaboratively to achieve common goals.
  • We will not compromise on safety or environmental compliance.
  • We consider today’s actions for tomorrow’s benefit.

Strategic Goals

  • Achieve a 90% landfill reduction for Kent County discards by 2030 by implementing the sustainable materials management master plan and sustainable business park
  • Sustainable Business Park business and infrastructure development in partnership with The Right Place to support market development and private/public investment in sustainable materials management infrastructure including an anchor tenant by 2023.
  • Construct a new transfer facility at the North Kent Transfer Station to meet the disposal and diversion needs for a growing northern Kent County by 2023.
  • Increase Waste to Energy processing through development of expansion, preprocessing and/or improved source separation of recyclable materials by 2023.
  • Provide a SafeChem outlet at the new SafeChem facility for redistributing usable items by 2022.
  • Increase residential recycling access and improve countywide participation to 50% by 2023 with a recycling ordinance or similar mechanism.
  • Develop a user fee based residential recycling drop off program to meet underserved areas of Kent County including multifamily and rural service areas.
  • Meet State of Michigan standards for testing and treatment of landfill leachate impacted by PFAS.

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