County Administrator

Mission Statement

To provide policy recommendations to the Board of Commissioners and to efficiently manage and support the effective delivery of County services.

The County Administrator/Controller is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to implement Board policies, to oversee the daily activities of the County, to serve as the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, and to supervise functions that report to the Board of Commissioners. The 12-member staff of the office provides professional support, project management, and policy recommendations for the Administrator/Controller and the Board. This office includes the County's Corporate Counsel.

The Administrator's Office is responsible for assisting the Board in meeting identified goals; developing annual budget recommendations; preparing agenda items for the Board of Commissioners; developing procedures to accompany Board policies; providing legal counsel in all legal County matters; conducting program, departmental, and management analyses; coordinating the pursuit of the Board's legislative agenda; and providing general administrative support. The Administrator's Office is also responsible for continuing several ongoing initiatives and projects adopted by the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Assistant to the Board of Commissioners provides administrative support in a liaison role to and for the Board of Commissioners, the County Administration, and County departments.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop internal and external communications strategy
  • Maintain/enhance partnerships and relationships that support the mission of Kent County government
  • Reduce cost of Kent County government operations
  • Advocate to protect current sources of revenue from legislative change

Operational Goals

  • Ensure effective communication between the Board of Commissioners, departments/agencies, the judiciary, and the public
  • Maintain the long-term financial health of the County
  • Create and foster a culture that promotes visionary, creative and strategic thinking to achieve the Mission of the County
  • Encourage the establishment of strategic, public/private, intergovernmental and interdepartmental partnership

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