Children & Families with Special Needs

Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)

Phone Number: (616) 632-7066 or (800) 359-3722

2018 Parent Support Group Meetings

Target Population

Michigan residents. Covers most chronic medical conditions in children to age 21. Adults 21+ eligible with cystic fibrosis and coagulation defects only.


For medically eligible children, to age 21, CSHCS program pays for appropriate specialized medical treatment, equipment and supplies. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services determines whether the child is medically eligible. CSHCS will pay for a diagnostic evaluation to determine eligibility also. Referrals and advocacy provided. Parent Support Group for families with members with special needs meets monthly.

Additional Information

Co-payment may be required depending on income. Child may also have Medicaid, MIChild and/or private insurance.