Information Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kent County Information Technology (IT) Department is to provide quality, responsive and cost-effective information technology solutions and services that enable County departments, agencies, and local government units to be successful in achieving their respective missions, striving always to exceed expectations.

The Kent County Information Technology (IT) Department links County services to the general public by providing a secure and robust computing environment to more than 30 departments and several local governments. The Information Technology Department is organized into work teams that facilitate delivery of application and infrastructure services.

Major projects planned include continued upgrades to the County's network infrastructure, support for the implementation of the Kent County Central Dispatch systems, improvements to our internal directories, security enhancements to maintain compliance with all applicable regulations and industry best practices, further implementation of our virtualized server infrastructure, and efforts aimed at reducing cost and increasing efficient operations.

Work Teams

Applications Teams

  • Financial Systems Team: Maintains software for the County's accounting, payroll, and human resource systems
  • Justice Systems Team: Supports applications for the County Prosecutor's Office, multiple courts, the Sheriff's Department, and the Correctional Facility
  • Geographic Information Systems Team: Supports the design, implementation, and maintenance of GIS
  • Specialty Applications: Provides customer applications design, support, and implementation capabilities to County staff

Infrastructure Teams

  • IT Service Desk: Responds to user problem reports and service requests, and provides support for staff computers, printers, and desktop applications
  • Network Support Team: Supports the networks which connect systems within the County, the County's connection to the Internet, and secure connections to local governments and the State of Michigan, as well as the County's PBX telephone system
  • Systems Team: Operates, administers, and maintains the servers, storage, archival, and backup systems that support the County's computing environment

Security Team

  • Security Team: Provides support for security across all information technology infrastructure and applications, educates County staff on information security awareness, and consults with departments on specific requirements.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide a robust and flexible computing infrastructure that is capable of handling current and projected needs of internal customers and client agencies
  • Provide a full range of application services, including consulting, project management, and business process analysis/re-engineering
  • Provide leadership to the county in applying technology to the challenges of local government in the 21st Century
  • Provide responsive and cost-effective support of installed applications,services, and hardware

Operational Goals

  • Provide an increasing level of service to those that use the County's computing resources when they experience problems or require additional services
  • Provide an attractive, easy-to-use online portal that assists citizens and other interested parties
  • Provide high quality, cost effective application development, integration, and maintenance services to County departments and agencies
  • Provide a stable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective computing infrastructure environment that supports County departments, agencies, and local units of government

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