Sheriff Department

Tactical Apprehension & Confrontation (TAC) Team

Lt. Troy Woodwyk oversees the Sheriff’s 30-member Tactical Apprehension and Confrontation Team (TAC Team).
TAC Team

Recognizing presence of a highly trained, highly skilled police tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers and suspects; and recognizing that a well-managed “team” response to critical incidents usually results in successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the Kent County Sheriff Department Tactical Apprehension and Confrontation (TAC) Team to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the Kent County Sheriff Department in the handling of critical incident.

TAC members are trained and equipped to respond to many critical incidents including, but not limited to, hostage situations, barricaded armed subjects refusing to surrender, conducting arrest and search warrants for dangerous felons, and providing dignitary protection.

Team members have specific duties. Thirteen of the team members are assigned to the entry team, responsible for entries into locations to apprehend suspects or rescue hostages. Ten team members are assigned to a perimeter unit which includes four highly trained marksmen. They are responsible for securing perimeters at a scene and relaying vital information to other team members as well as a command post. Seven team members are assigned to the hostage negotiation team and are responsible for communicating with suspects to stabilize a dangerous situation and convince a suspect to surrender peacefully.

In April, members of the Kent County Sheriff’s Department TAC team competed in the annual tactical shooting competition and training hosted by the West Michigan Tactical Officers Association. The competition consisted of five individual stages of fire that stressed different shooting skills including shooting on the move, precision fire, support hand shooting, and positional shooting. All stages were completed with two officers shooting the stage as a coordinated team. Over 80 SWAT officers from around the state participated in the shoot. Several KSCD teams finished in the top 15 after the scores were finalized. Our Team placed 2nd in the overall team competition.

In July, 5 of our marksmen attended a 2-day course that incorporated shooting at moving targets, odd-position shooting platforms, low light practical shooting and various distance shooting.

In September, 4 members attended the 2-day Great Lakes Law Enforcement Challenge held at in Northern Michigan. The course was attended by over 100 officers from throughout the State and combined real-world scenario training with on-site skill development in tactical movements, shooting and cover recognition and use. The training included critical incident debriefs from real-world incidents that had occurred around the country.

In September, TAC sent one officer to a 3-day Basic Medical Instructor Course the involved treatment practices for First Aid/buddy aid and tourniquet application in tactical critical incidents. The officer returned to teach other TAC members and officers from the Sheriff’s Office.

In October, 4 members of the Negotiator Team attended the annual Michigan Association of hostage Negotiators Conference. The 2-day course is attended by hundreds of officers from around the state and is an opportunity for our members to interact and network with other negotiators. The training classes consists of negotiating and communicating with mentally ill persons, persons with PTSD and other high-risk individuals.


In November, one TAC member attended a 1-day seminar on anti-terrorism topics

In 2017, one new officer was added to our tactical unit. They attended the SWAT Basic School in Alpena in September.

Sgt. Justin Deboode was elected and continues to serve as Vice President of the West Michigan Tactical Officers Association.

Tactical Team Responses for 2017

Barricaded Gunman 2
Hostage Rescue Deployment 0
High Risk Search/Arrest Warrant 3
Drug Search Warrant 5
VIP Security Detail 0
Patrol Deployments* 26

* Patrol deployments--partial team deployment by on duty patrol deputies who are team members and carry a portion of their tactical gear with them while on duty. In the event of a potential tactical situation occurring, they are the first to respond and often can diffuse a volatile situation without the need for further intervention.