Sheriff's Office

Community Policing

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Services Unit is to provide a proactive approach to law enforcement. This is accomplished by working with community groups to mutually identify and resolve community problems. Community Service Officers are able to commit the necessary amount of time needed to alleviate the long-term problems that affect the community. This frees up the Sheriff Department Road Patrol by eliminating return calls for service.

The Community Services Officers educate the public on a multitude of topics.  Neighborhood Watch, Crime Free Multi Housing, Business Watch, Internet and Phones Scams, Personal Safety and Recreational Safety  classes are a few of the many programs that are presented on a regular basis to groups of all ages. Communication and taking ownership is the key to building partnerships within the community. The Community Services Unit is comprised of 8 Community Policing Officers and 14 School Resource Officers.

The Community Services Unit also coordinates many volunteer programs such as Handicap Enforcement, Front Desk Receptionist/Greeter, Victim Advocates and the Kent County Trail Patrol Program. 

Sgt. Joy Matthews
(616) 632-6025

Sgt. Ryan Thome
(616) 632-6230

Carissa Judy
Crime Prevention Practitioner/Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (616) 632-6221
Fax: (616) 632-6233