Dog & Kennel Licenses

  • Dog Licenses

    Why License?

    Dog licensing protects our community by ensuring dogs are vaccinated against rabies. Michigan law requires that all dogs over the age of four (4) months are licensed and all new dogs are licensed within 30 days.

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    When does my dog's license expire?

    A dog's license is connected to their rabies vaccination. Some dogs receive a one-year rabies vaccination; these dogs receive a one-year license. Some dogs receive a three-year rabies vaccination; these dogs may have a one- or three-year license, depending on which the owner chose to purchase.

    Where can I purchase a dog license?


    Type of License

    1-Year License**

    3-Year License**

    Intact (Un-Sterlized) Dog



    Spayed/Neutered Dog



    Senior Citizen (62 or older)*



    Intact (Un-Sterlized) Dog



    Spayed/Neutered Dog



    *Senior Citizen Rate: You must show or upload your government issued ID showing your DOB to be approved for the senior citizen discount.

  • Kennel Licenses

    Why License?

    Kennel licenses are required by Kent County for facilities that house dogs for boarding; breeding; sale; or training. Designation as a kennel is depending on local zoning ordinances or official land use plan.

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    Requirements to License

    Because each local municipality is able to designate local zoning ordinances or official land use plans, it is important for any kennel owners to obtain zoning approval from their local township prior to planning for or licensing a dog kennel.

    Each dog will need a current rabies certificate that is signed by a veterinarian. This document will include a description of the dog that was vaccinated.

    An Animal Control Officer will complete an unannounced inspection of each kennel facility prior to a kennel license being assigned.

    How to License

    Once a kennel owner receives local approval, a kennel owner may complete the Kennel Health Permit and License Application and submit with appropriate payment. This document outlines the kennel purpose, maximum number of dogs allowed within the kennel, and the licensing fees depending on date of application and number of dogs allowed. Renewing kennel owners are encouraged to apply prior to June 1 of each year as late fees are assessed beginning June 1.

    Kennel License and Inspection Fees


    Before or on June 1

    After June 1

    3-10 Dogs



    11-30 Dogs



    31 or more Dogs