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Fetal Infant Mortality Review Program

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is an evidence-based process of identification and analysis of factors that contribute to fetal and infant death through chart review and interview of individual cases. FIMR complements other studies of infant death but uses an approach that is community-based, action-oriented, and designed to bring together local health providers, consumers, advocates and leaders.

FIMR Report 2022
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FIMR identifies strengths and areas for improvements in overall service systems and community resources for women, children and families. FIMR also provides direction towards the development of new policies to safeguard them.

Fetal Infant Mortality Review has two overarching goals:

  1. Describe significant social, economic, cultural, safety, health and systems factors that contribute to mortality; and
  2. Design and implement community-based action plans founded on the information obtained from the reviews.

FIMR uses a two-tiered system that engages a multi-discipline case review team and a community action team to implement a continuous quality improvement process. The case review team reviews the case summaries from de-identified infant and fetal deaths. Based on these reviews, the team makes recommendations for system change. The community action team, which may have representation from government, health professionals, local public health, and other community leaders acts to implement the recommendations.

The FIMR process is not about assigning blame, but a process which helps to identify system gaps.

Case Review Team

Kent County's Case Review Team has representation from all major healthcare systems in the county including Corewell Health, University of Michigan Health West, Trinity Health, Cherry Health, MDHHS, and other local first responding agencies.

Data Gathering leads to Case Reviews, which leads to Community Action, which leads to Changes in Community Systems

Figure 1 FIMR Process: Continuous Quality Improvement

Community Action Team

Kent County's Community Action Team is called the Infant Health Action Team. The team is made up of local stakeholders, public health, and community advocates for change.

Death occurs, cases selected, data abstracted, CRT reviews & recommends, CAT proposes community action, improved services and resources, improved health

Figure 2 FIMR Sequence for Case Review and Community Action

Bereavement Resources

Local Counseling Options

Local Support Groups

  • Starlight Ministries
    Starlight Ministries is a Christ centered ministry that provides hope, healing and support for children and adults who are grieving the death of a loved one.
  • Gilda's Club Grand Rapids
    616-453-8300, option 2
    Gilda's Club offers a grief group for parents who have lost a child as well as support groups for siblings.
  • Ele's Place
    Ele's Place is a healing center for grieving children and teens.
  • Spectrum Health Bereavement Services
    Spectrum Health offers a support group for parents who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

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