Court Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Court Services Department is to plan, develop, and administer quality, cost-effective alternatives to incarceration for appropriate defendants/offenders which enhance the effectiveness of the local criminal justice system, and thereby serve the needs of the Courts and Kent County's residents. Court Services include pretrial screening and assessment, pretrial supervision, community service programs, and diversion.

Goals and Statistics

The management and staff of this department are committed to serving the needs of the Courts and the people of Kent County by focusing on five primary goals:

  • Assist the Courts in meeting the Michigan Court Rule 6.106 requirement concerning the release of pretrial defendants on bond.
  • Provide court-ordered pretrial supervision to monitor compliance of bond conditions and court appearances for defendants released into the community.
  • Provide data to the local criminal justice system for the purpose of assisting in the management of the jail population.
  • Provide sentencing alternative within the community with the purpose of saving jail and prison beds.
  • Provide services to divert cases from the local criminal justice system.