Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Kent County Animal Shelter! If you are interested in our field trip/overnight program, please follow the Volunteer Application button on this page and email the completed application to kcas@kentcountymi.gov.
We welcome assistance in the following areas:

  • Field trip/overnight stays for dogs
  • Cat cleaning and enrichment
  • Transporting cats to off-site adoption locations
  • Dog walking
  • Adoption counseling
  • Office work
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Fostering

Please fill out the volunteer application and return it via email to KCAS@kentcountymi.gov.

Volunteer Application

County regulations require volunteers be 18 years or older. Please complete the application above and email it to kcas@kentcountymi.gov. We will then contact you to schedule orientation.

In order to comply with current safety rules, we are training fewer volunteers at each session. Thank you for your patience!