Environmental Health Services

Important Information

  • All services require marking by MISS Dig for underground utilities prior to site visit. Persons performing groundbreaking activities on site are required to submit a ticket to MISS Dig for the marking of the property. Unmarked properties will result in delay or postponement of service.
  • Failure to show up for an appointment may result in a $75 charge.
  • Application fees are non-refundable after 90 days from the date of application or after initiation of any field activities/services. Refund Request Form (pdf)
  • A $50 processing fee applies to all applications cancelled prior to field work.
  • Permits and site evaluations are valid for 2 years and are non-transferrable.

Septic Services

Site Evaluation

Program to determine if property is suitable for a particular type of development, and suitable for on-site well and septic systems.

On-site Sewage Disposal

Required permit for installation of on-site sewage disposal (septic) systems. Application must include detailed site plan and floorplans if new construction.

Real Estate Evaluation

Inspection and evaluation of private or commercial well and septic systems, often required before selling an existing building.

Addition/Change of Use

Review of proposed construction/change of use projects and how they may impact existing water wells and onsite sewage disposal systems.

Subdivisions, Site Condominiums and Land Division Evaluation

An evaluation of a proposed division of land to be served by onsite wastewater disposal systems and/or individual water supply wells. The Michigan Land Division Act (Public Act 288 of 1967) requires that all divisions of land under one acre, subdivisions, and site condominiums be reviewed by the local health department.

Sewage Regulations

System Specifications

2024 Kent County Septic Installer Meeting Attendees

Well Services

Residential/Test Well/Irrigation/Geothermal Water Supply Permit

Required permit for installation of on-site water supply (well) systems.

Well Regulations & Guidelines

Type II Wells Public Supply Permit & Forms

A Type II non-community public water supply serves 25 or more people at least 60 days per year OR has 15 or more service connections.

Type II Well Permit

Operational Forms

Regulations and Guidelines

Information about Contamination in Kent County

Knowledge of contamination in the soils or groundwater near or on a property may factor into the public health decision making process when evaluating or issuing a permit for a property.

To learn more information about properties and their proximity to potential sources of contamination please click below.

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