Prosecutor's Office

Mission Statement

We will protect the rights, safety, and security of Kent County residents through diligent efforts to prosecute criminal offenses, support victims of crime, establish paternity and child support, and intervene in situations where children have been neglected or abused in Kent County.

The Prosecuting Attorney appears for the State or County in all criminal prosecutions in Circuit Court and District Court, as well as appearances in delinquency, neglect, mental incompetency, and adult guardianship proceedings in both Probate Court and the Family Division of the Circuit Court. The Prosecuting Attorney shares jurisdiction with the Michigan Attorney General for any crime that is committed in Kent County, but is independent of that State office. The Prosecuting Attorney is an elected official with a four-year term, chosen at the time of the Presidential election, on the partisan ballot.

The office is divided into the following divisions: Criminal, Appellate, Family Law and Juvenile. Each division has specific attorneys assigned to it and is structured to serve that division's unique needs. Additionally, the Victim/Witness Unit of the office performs services for victims of crime as mandated under the Crime Victims Rights Act.

The Prosecuting Attorney's office is responsible for other legal functions, including:

  • Keeping victims notified of case status, their right to participate, and to protect and preserve their rights
  • Providing information on juvenile offenders to the Kent Intermediate School District
  • Representing the County in forfeiture actions.