Sheriff Department

Cadet Program

cadet1 The Kent County Police Cadet Program was established in 1973. The program provides college students, majoring in the criminal justice and/ or related fields, the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into the Sheriff Department’s role within the criminal justice community. As evidence of the programs success, many of the Sheriff Department upper level Command Staff began their careers as a member of the Cadet program.

Cadets have the opportunity to assist officers in a variety of capacities. The duties and responsibilities of cadets vary and are dependent upon work assignments. Each semester the assignments are re-evaluated and filled based on availability and the respective course loads of the Cadets within the program.

cadet2There are a variety of locations and assignments available to those within the program. Currently the program is comprised of (18) eighteen cadet positions assigned to various locations throughout the county. The entire organization benefits from the utilization of the cadet program. The Sheriff Department sub-stations, North and South, the East Precinct and the County Courthouse as well are supported by the efforts of our County Police Cadets. They provide a variety of support activity and are a valued resource.

Listed are several of the common duties performed by cadets in support of the organization:

  • Travel to and from (25) twenty-five wrecker lots recording vehicle identification data used by the department
  • Enter into LEIN information used by the Secretary of State
  • The placement and collection of speed boards and related data
  • Process and prepare school bus violation information for staff
  • Assisting the Deputy in transposing walk-in accident reports
  • Pick up and deliver departmental correspondence and equipment
  • Enter visiting information into the jail information management system
  • Assigned to assist court security and several other correctional facility operations

County Police Cadet employment opportunities will be posted in the Employment Opportunities section of accessKent.