Sheriff Department

Bicycle Safety

To Be a Good Bike Driver, You Must Be a Safe Bike Driver!

Safety Rules and Traffic Laws

  1. Make sure that you write down your bicycle serial number and description.
  2. Do a daily bike inspection.
  3. Have all major bicycle repairs done by a trained bicycle mechanic.
  4. Always stop prior to entering the street from any driveway.
  5. Ride single file to the right edge of the road.
  6. Walk your bike across major intersections.
  7. Never ride two persons on one bicycle.
  8. Never carry any objects in your hands. Use a carrying rack or backpack.
  9. Learn the meaning of traffic signs and follow their instructions.
  10. It would be best not to ride after dark, but if you do, wear light colored clothes and use a light on your bicycle.
  11. Be alert for road hazards such as; pot holes, sewer grates, gravel, and trash tossed on the roadway.
  12. Always walk your bike when traveling on a sidewalk in a shopping area. Remember, pedestrians have the right of way.
  13. Always wear a bicycle helmet. Also, protection pads if you are stunt riding. Always do stunts under proper supervision.
  14. Lock your bike when you leave it.
  15. Respect other persons and their property.
  16. HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Services Unit at (616) 632-6220.