Probate Court

Probate Court Forms

For a complete list of forms, visit the State Court Administrative Office website, and select one of these categories:  Probate General, Guardians and Conservators, Estates and Trusts, or Mental Health.

All new and reissued letters in guardianships and conservatorships will expire annually on the date which is 8 weeks beyond the anniversary date of the appointment. Please note that letters will not be renewed until all annual filing requirements have been completed. There will not be a charge for issuance of letters with a new expiration date; however, the charge for certified copies of letters is $12.00.

No Petition for Appointment of a Guardian or Conservator for an Adult, or Petition to Modify an existing adult guardianship or conservatorship to appoint a new guardian or conservator will be accepted for filing without the name and contact information of the proposed guardian or conservator, and the completed clearance forms.


Request and Notice for Film and Electronic Media Coverage of Court Proceedings

Conservatorship of Adults

For Minor Conservatorships

  • PC640Y - Order Regarding Appointment of Conservator for Minor
  • PC571 - Acceptance of Appointment
  • PC645Y - Letters of Conservatorship for Minor

Conservatorship Reporting & Authorization Forms

  • PC583 - Annual Account of Fiduciary
  • PC674 - Inventory
  • PC669 - Proof of Restricted Account and Annual Verification of Funds on Deposit (Minors)
  • PC673 - Petition and Order for Use of Funds
  • KCPTF - Petition and Order to Transfer Funds

Guardianship of Adults

Termination/Modification Forms

  • PC675 - Petition to Terminate/Modify Guardianship for Legally Incapacitated Individual
  • PC677 - Petition to Terminate/Modify Guardian for Alleged Developmentally Disabled Individual
  • PC676 - Petition to Terminate/Modify Conservatorship of an Adult/Minor
  • PC562 - Notice of Hearing
  • PC564 - Proof of Service
  • PC638a - Order Regarding Appointment of GA/CA/CY
  • PC571 - Acceptance of Appointment
  • PC633 - Letters of Appointment for Adult (Guardianship)
  • PC645 - Letters of Appointment for Adult (Conservatorship)
  • PC645Y - Letters of Appointment for Minor (Conservatorship)
  • Kent County Probate Court Criminal History Check
  • Request for Central Registry Clearance (All Guardianships) - Copy of Driver's License Required

Annual Guardianship Reports

  • PC634 - Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Legally Incapacitated Individual
  • PC663 - Report of Guardian on Condition of Individual with Developmental Disability
  • PC564 - Proof of Service (Required To Be Filed In Conjunction with PC634)

Name Changes

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Miscellaneous Forms