TurboCourt for Adult Conservatorships

TurboCourt is available for all filings in adult conservatorship (CA) cases. TurboCourt offers guided interviews to assist filers with completing and filing court forms online. Specifically, TurboCourt assists individuals with preparing:

  • Documents for initiating a conservatorship for an adult
  • Petitions to modify or terminate a conservatorship for an adult
  • Petitions regarding the sale of real estate
  • Petitions to transfer or use funds
  • Inventories
  • Annual Accounts, and
  • Other petitions and filings

TurboCourt for Adult Conservatorships

After clicking the “Next” button, you will be asked to enter your login credentials or create a TurboCourt account. To create a new account, click “Sign Up” on the sign-in screen, enter your information, and click “Sign Up.” Next you will be required to select an account type. If you are not an attorney, select “Individual.” If you are an attorney licensed to practice law in Michigan or you are authorized to file on behalf of an attorney, select “Attorney/Law Firm.” If you are filing on behalf of an exempt state agency or government organization, select “Exempt Government Organization.” Please note that the guided interview is only available for “Individual” accounts. Other account types will only have the option of uploading completed forms.

Once you have logged into your account, you will be asked whether you would like to start a new adult conservatorship case or file documents in an existing case. To file documents in an existing case, you will need to know the file number and name of the case. If you know the name of the case but do not know the file number, you can click here to search for it. If you know the file number but do not know the name of the case, you can click here to search for it.

Filings requiring payment of a filing fee will prompt you to pay via credit card. After submitting your documents through TurboCourt, they will be redirected to the Probate Court for review and acceptance. Be sure to check the email address you used for logging in to ensure that you receive TurboCourt messages and alerts. Please note that the fee of a guardian ad litem is not included in the filing fee to initiate, modify or terminate a conservatorship case. An additional invoice for the work performed by the guardian ad litem may be forwarded to you after a petition has been filed.