Kent County Probate Court Fee Schedule

All fees may be paid by cash, check or money order. All fees are non-refundable

Initiating Cases, Reopening Cases and Registrations

Type of Filing or Request Fee Notes Casetype(s)
Civil Action (Summons & Complaint) $175.00   CZ
Deceased Estates - Application/Petition for Probate $187.00* This filing fee applies to formal and informal proceedings. DE, DA, DH
Drain Assessment Appeal $175.00   ML
Filing of Letters by Foreign Personal Representative (Ancillary Proceedings) $20.00   ML
Performance of Marriage Ceremony $10.00    
Petition and Order for Assignment (Small Estate) $37.00 + Inventory Fee*   PE
Petition for Adult Conservatorship $187.00*   CA
Petition for Guardianship of a Developmentally Disabled Individual $0.00 There is no filing fee to commence guardianship proceedings for a developmentally disabled person. DD
Petition for Guardianship of a Legally Incapacitated Adult $187.00*   GA, GL
Petition for Mental Health Treatment or Judicial Admission $0.00 There is no filing fee to file a Petition for Mental Health Treatment or a Petition for Judicial Admission MI, JA
Petition for Minor Conservatorship $187.00*   CY
Petition for Protective Order $187.00*   PO
Petition to Open a Safe Deposit Box $10.00   ML
Registration of Trust $25.00   TR
Secret Marriage License $3.00    
Trust Proceedings $175.00   TT, TV
Will Filed for Safekeeping $25.00    

*Includes fee for one certified copy. Pay $199.00 if requesting a temporary or emergency appointment.

Filings in Existing Cases

Type of Filing or Request Fee Notes
Account $20.00  
Amended Petition $20.00  
Any other document requesting relief in an existing case $20.00  
Demand for Jury Trial $30.00  
Demand for Notice (Estate Pending) $20.00  
Inventory Fee Variable The inventory fee is determined by MCL 600.871, based on the value of the estate. To calculate your inventory fee enter the total value of the estate in the Inventory Fee Calculator tool. (Casetypes: PE, DE, DA)
Motion $20.00  
Objection $20.00  
Petition $20.00  
Petition and Order $20.00  
Statement and Proof of Claim $20.00  

Packets and Copy Requests

Type of Filing or Request Fee Notes
Packets $10.00  
Certified Copy $12.00  
Exemplified Copy $10.00 + $2.00 Per Sheet  
Standard Copy $2.00 Per Sheet  
For an exhaustive list of applicable fees refer to the Probate Fee Tables.