Probate Court

Legal Cites & Judge’s Copies

Legal Citations in Briefs or Motions

Please note the following requirements when filing pleadings with the Kent County Probate Court:
Whenever any motion or brief cites to any Michigan or foreign authority or to any treatise or secondary source, copies of all such authority are either to be attached to the judge's copy of the motion or brief or produced as a separate appendix of authorities and served with the judge's copy of the motion or brief.

These authorities should not be attached to the original file copy of the brief or motion and will not be a part of the Court file.

Judge’s Copy of Briefs or Motions

The Judge's copy of any motion or brief shall be served directly upon Judge Murkowski's judicial staff at the judge's chambers, Suite 9500C, located in the secure judicial hallway on the 9th floor of the Kent County Courthouse.