Virtual Courtroom

The Kent County Probate Court uses Zoom videoconferencing technology to conduct hearings in its Virtual Courtroom. Prior to your hearing you will receive a Notice of Hearing (PC 562) or information with instructions for connecting to the Court's Virtual Courtroom, including the Court's Meeting ID, and if applicable, the password. The Court's hearings may also be livestreamed on YouTube as necessary.

Judge Murkowski
Zoom Courtroom »

Zoom Meeting ID: 3077383774

Judge Rose
Zoom Courtroom »

Zoom Meeting ID: 7865255357

Probate Register
Zoom Hearing Room »

Zoom Meeting ID: 2648724361

Please connect to the Court's Virtual Courtroom at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing.

You may use one of the following four options for connecting to the Court's Virtual Courtroom:

  • Option 1 - Polycom Systems (hospitals and facilities with IVT equipment)

    From the Polycom system, dial the numbers below:

  • Option 2 - Zoom App for Smartphones and Tablets

    1. This option requires an Apple or Android device, and an internet connection
    2. Install the Zoom App from the App Store or Play Store prior to the call
    3. Launch the Zoom app
    4. Tap “Join a Meeting”
    5. In the Meeting ID field, enter the Meeting ID you received from the Court
    6. Enter your full name in the “Personal Link name” field
    7. If prompted, enter the password (Note: not all hearings require a password)
    8. In “Join Options"
      • Don't connect to audio - turn off
      • Turn off my video - turn on if audio only, turn off if participating by video
    9. Ensure your device has the microphone (audio) and camera (video) on
    10. Tap “Join”
    11. In the prompt, “to hear others please join audio”, select “call using Internet audio”
    12. Once your participation is no longer needed, leave Zoom by tapping “Leave”
  • Option 3 - PCs and Laptops

    1. This option requires an internet connection
    2. Go to
    3. Click “Join a Meeting”
    4. Enter the Meeting ID you received from the Court
    5. If prompted, enter the password (Note: not all hearings require a password)
    6. Follow the download instructions
    7. Select Computer Audio or Phone Call
      • If your computer is equipped with a microphone and speakers you can join with Computer Audio by clicking “Join with Computer Audio”.
      • If you do not have a microphone, you will need to call in with your phone and continue to login to Zoom on your desktop. To join via phone call - click “Phone Call” and follow the instructions given
  • Option 4 - Telephone (audio only)

    1. Call (646) 876-9923 or (669) 900-6833
    2. Enter the Meeting ID you received from the Court
    3. If prompted, enter the password (Note: not all hearings require a password)
    4. Press #
How to Use Zoom

Participating in the Virtual Courtroom

  • The call is a court proceeding and therefore an extension of the courtroom and appropriate conduct and attire is expected and required.
  • Please be sure to call the court from a quiet location, with minimal disturbances and background noise. Do not have radios or televisions on during the call.
  • If possible, mute your device or phone until you are recognized by the Court.
  • Do not use the speakerphone option on your phone.
  • Remote Participants must place their mobile devices on a solid surface with the camera at eye level. Do not hand-hold mobile devices and do not lay phones or tablets flat on a desk or tabletop.
  • If you are logging on from a smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop -- please enter the case number (if known) and your name under "Join with a personal link name." Example for litigants: 20-001234-DE John Doe | Example for an attorney: P01234 - Stephen Smith
  • The Judge has full power over remote participants as if they were present in the physical courtroom.

Technical Support

  • Remote participants should use a good WiFi connection or a substantial LTE mobile data plan to ensure a quality connection. (Note: Mobile data use may incur substantial cellular carrier charges which are the responsibility of the remote participant.)
  • Remote Participants should take time prior to the call to become familiar with the controls and test the mic and speaker controls.
  • If the court determines the quality of the video experience is not acceptable it has the right to terminate the call.
  • The court does not provide technical assistance for testing or troubleshooting. It is your responsibility to ensure that your connection works prior to the hearing.
  • Directions for testing your device and networking prior to the proceeding can be found here.
  • If you are having technical issues with your equipment you should review Zoom training and support materials at Please note that Zoom is an independent service provider and will have no knowledge of your court case or legal issues.