Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diverity, Equity, and Inclusion Infographic


At Kent County, we are committed to providing a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging environment for County employees. We value differences and understand that a diverse workforce allows us to leverage unique talents and develop inclusive leaders, which in turn, increases our cultural competence and ultimately improves retention.

Our goals for the upcoming year are to continue to focus our DEI efforts on the following areas:

Address enhancing DEI efforts by encouraging top leadership to model the way and demonstrate a commitment to DEI, engaging the Board of Commissioners and improving hiring practices to ensure a more diverse pool of talent.
Continue working toward developing an inclusively excellent organizational culture through employee training, assessment, and improved communications.
Develop and implement strategies to monitor efforts and progress.

We embrace the notion of shared responsibility across our 25 departments, offices, and agencies to achieve these priorities. As a result, we are continually discovering and creating small wins in each of these priority areas. Moving forward, we will continue to view our progress to ensure that our culture, policies, and procedures reflect the community we serve.