County Administrator

Work Teams

Countywide work groups are formed at the discretion of the County Administrator to address issues that impact, or have the potential to impact, County departments, agencies, and employees. Each work group is reviewed annually by the County Administrator to determine completion of assigned charges, composition and membership, feasibility of continuing the work group, and potential new charges. A staff member from the Administrator's Office serves on each countywide work group.

  • Budget Finance Action Team
  • Capital Improvements Projects Review Team
  • Corrections and Detention Millage Committee
  • Cultural Insight Council (CIC)
  • Employee Assistance Program Review Team
  • Employee Picnic Planning Team
  • Enhanced Access Board
  • Executive Information Technology Steering Committee
  • Geographic Information System Team
  • Human Resources Advisory Council
  • Joint Safety Committee
  • Justice Network Oversight Group
  • Millennium Park Environmental Advisory Team
  • Newsletter Editorial Board
  • Operating Budget Review Committee
  • Performance Measurements Review Team
  • Risk Management Advisory Team
  • Supervisory Training Work Group
  • Wellness Committee
  • Workflow Work Group