Board Meetings

Kent County Community Action is governed by a tri-partite advisory board comprised of representatives from three sectors: consumer, public and private. This unique governance structure, along with regularly scheduled community assessments, ensures that agency programs focus on the areas of greatest local need and impact.

Kent County Community Action is seeking interested individuals to serve on its Advisory Board. To be considered for service on the Board, please follow this link to view openings.

  • Consumer sector representatives are low-income persons eligible for KCCA service at the time of his or her appointment. This representation includes senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Consumer sector board members may also be individuals from an organization that represents persons with low-income in the community served by the KCCA.
  • Public sector members are elected officials or their designated alternates that have either general governmental responsibilities or responsibilities which require them to deal with poverty-related issues.
  • Private sector members are representative of community stakeholders in the areas of business, industry, labor, religion, law enforcement, social welfare, and education.
Advisory Governing Board Members
Catherine Aldridge – Consumer Sector
Kendrick Heinlein – Consumer Sector
Thomas Oosterbaan – Consumer Sector
Hattie Patterson – Consumer Sector
Reyna Quintino – Consumer Sector
Tricia VanderHaar – Private Sector
Benjamin Escalante – Private Sector
Judy Knapp – Private Sector
Wende Randall – Private Sector
Christina Swiney – Private Sector
James Geisen – Public Sector
Samarhia Griffel – Public Sector
Ruth Kelly – Public Sector
Carol Glanville – Public Sector
Jessica White-Hatinger – Public Sector
Governing Board Members
Senita Lenear – 3rd Ward City Commissioner
Betsy Melton – District 13 Commissioner
Kurt Reppart – 1st Ward City Commissioner
Stanley Stek – District 6 Commissioner
Robert Womack – District 17 Commissioner
Housing Commission Members
Jason Grinnell
Lisa Knight
Joshua Lunger
Courtney Panter
Kristen Ward

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