Juvenile Detention Center

School Information

A full school program is a major component of Detention programming. The Lighthouse Academy funds and staffs the school division. The school staff consists of five full-time academic teachers; one reading specialist; four paraprofessionals for remedial math and reading; one social worker; one student advocate; and one special education case management support staff. Each resident is tested in order to provide individualized instruction at the juvenile’s actual functioning grade level. Classes are conducted in 60-minute increments, with the students changing between core classes and instructors each period.

The facility continues to offer a year-round school program. The Lighthouse Academy provides classes Monday through Thursday. Community consultants as well as Detention staff provide Friday classes which include topic areas such as Youth Empowerment, Therapeutic Communication, Physical Education, Art Therapy, Health Education (public health topics and AIDS, safety, sexual awareness), Life and Social Skills. These Friday classes offer residents a chance to deal with issues that contributed to their coming to the facility, as well as teaching them skills that will help them make better decisions.

Waalkes School - (616) 632-5780

Student Advocate - (616) 632-5753

School Principal - (616) 632-5788

Classrooms and the gym