Juvenile Detention Center

Residential Programs

PRIDE Stabilization Program

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to provide short but intensive interventions of adjudicated youth who may have a need for brief mental health therapy, behavioral therapy, or Substance Use Disorder treatment in a secure environment. Youth served are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues to the extent that they have had a negative impact on the family, the youth and/ or the community and have required the removal of the youth from home and community.

This intensive short-term Stabilization Program is available to serve male youth ages 13-17. The program duration 90-120 days. This program only serves youth who are residents of Kent County and who have been referred by the 17th Judicial Circuit Court.

Program Supports

The PRIDE Stabilization Program challenges teens to develop a healthy identity and provides attentive preparation for their return home and the community. Treatment is individualized according to each child's needs and is overseen by a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, including a master's Psychologist, Probation Officer, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Activities Specialist, and Youth Specialists. PRIDE Stabilization Program treatment builds on children's strengths and guides them to higher levels of functioning that enable them to maintain stable relationships within a family setting.

While in the program, youth will participate in individual and group counseling, treatment team meetings, recreational activities, Restorative Justice Projects, and experiential therapeutic interventions. Every resident and their parent/guardian is expected to actively contribute to the formulation of the youth's Initial and Aftercare Treatment Plans.

Delta Project Program

The Delta Project Program is a 120-day program that offers evidence-based interventions to address rick factors through proven cognitive-behavioral approaches to address specific risk and needs as well as build and strengthen skills of the population it serves. Delta Project Program provides secure short-term treatment focused program for delinquent wards of Kent County, with the primary objective of productive reintegration into the community.

Program Offerings

Evidence-based interventions
  • Substance Abuse - Groups are held once a week to anyone in the program who is chemically dependent.
  • Family Engagement - The Residential Program requires parent commitment by active involvement in bi-weekly parent workshops and individual family sessions with the Residential Probation Officer (PO).
  • Education/Work - The youth receive education and Credit Recovery through Lighthouse Academy.
  • Pro-Social Recreational Activities - Activities are incorporated in the program to engage youth in activities that address basic life skills, interpersonal skills, restorative justice, and mentoring as a way to promote positive relationships within the community.