Juvenile Detention Center


Donations Brochure

The Kent County Juvenile Detention Center is in the business of caring for children; therefore, oftentimes we are in need of such items as those that would improve a young person’s sense of self and/or provide them with items that would help them to grow as individuals and members of our community.  Due to budget constraints, we depend upon the kind hearts and thoughts of others through their donations. 

Donated items can range from supplementary hygiene products to arts and craft supplies, to books, to sports and entertainment items, to educational products.  Basically, any donation that may help educate, inspire, and improve a juvenile’s life is welcome.

Detention is enrolled in the Box Tops for Education program.  Each Box Tops logo, found on hundreds of products like Cheerios, Hamburger Helper, and Kleenex, is worth 10¢ for the facility and funds special projects for programs and materials for the juveniles in Detention.

For questions about the above opportunities, please contact Chris Fillwock, Program Director, (616) 632-5777