Juvenile Detention Center

Behavior Program

The Detention Center provides residents with a cognitive learning model (Cognitive Behavioral Training or CBT), designed to change adolescent value and belief systems by getting them to examine their thinking before making choices. This training is designed to teach residents to be actively involved in their own care and outcome.  The goal here is to help reduce recidivism by teaching residents to make rational choices, and maintain this thinking ability after they leave Detention.

By using the CBT concept our residents are able to connect their behaviors with both positive and negative consequences. The outcome of using this concept is increased staff interaction with residents and decreased inappropriate behaviors resulting in room confinement with the assistence of the ABC Model. The residents learn the connection between their behavior and the consequences, and can better deal with their inner struggles.

Activating Event

  • Event or trigger
  • Actual event
  • Individual's own interpretation of event


  • Beliefs
  • Individual's evaluations (Rational vs. Irrational)


  • Consequences or results
  • Emotions
  • Behaviors
  • Other thinking
CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Training