Juvenile Detention Center

Contact Us

To inquire about your child, contact Kent County Juvenile Detention Center at (616) 632-5750 for 24 hour service.

To send mail to a detained juvenile, address the letter with the juvenile's name, KCJDC, 1501 Cedar NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

The juvenile's caseworker or probation officer will read all incoming letters prior to the juvenile receiving them.

We provide all supplies necessary for juveniles to write to friends and family. All letters mailed out of KCJDC by juveniles are read by their caseworker or probation officer prior to mailing.

Resident Phone Call Privileges

As an incentive within our behavioral management program, residents who consistently exceed expectations and exhibit positive behavior are allowed to make weekly phone calls to their parents or guardians. Phone call privileges are intended to help the youth and their guardian to work on positive communication and relationship building.