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The purpose of the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program is to provide each employee with an opportunity to complete job related education for professional development and organizational advancement. Employees can apply what they learn directly to their job, impacting both personal performance improvement and department performance objectives. Full time employees who have been with the County for one year are eligible to receive partial reimbursement through an accredited institution.

For further information contact Tamber Bustance at 616-632-7467

Aquinas College's Donnelly Scholarship

Aquinas College will award a 20% Donnelly Scholarship to be applied to any number of classes an eligible part-time or full-time employee chooses to take at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Once received, the scholarship is available for up to seven years or until graduation, whichever is sooner, as long as one remains an employee. The employee must apply for the scholarship before attending classes. Refer to the "Award Requirements" page for complete eligibility details.

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