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New Employee Orientation

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Employees at the County start learning on their first day. Our comprehensive New Hire Orientation focuses on the County not only as an employer but also as a service provider. New hires are introduced to the County's mission and quickly understand how essential every employee is to meeting the organizational goal of improving Kent County residents' quality of life.

The following is an overview of the structure of the new hire orientation program.

Orientation Part 1 (held every Monday from 8am to noon) includes:

  • An overview of Kent County’s history, structure, and general workings,
  • Completion of required new hire paperwork,
  • A primer on IT systems, processes, and structure,
  • An explanation of, and enrollment in, County benefit plans,
  • A review of County policies and collective bargaining agreements,
  • General office safety practices, and
  • An overview of County-sponsored training opportunities.
  • An overview of, and training surrounding, Kent County’s cultural awareness and diversity and inclusion expectations and programs and
  • A review of County policies pertaining to diversity, harassment and discrimination, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Orientation Part 2 – Introducing Cultural Intelligence in Kent County (held the 3rd Thursday of every month from 2pm – 5pm):

  • This program will introduce tools and information to further our ability to successfully work in diverse teams and to serve the diverse residents in our community.
  • This session will introduce the CQ research model and describe its relevance to Kent County's efforts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.
  • All CQ participants will receive an email from the Cultural Intelligence Center containing a link to take the CQ Assessment. The assessment must be completed no later than Tuesday prior to your scheduled session. The assessment must be completed before you can attend this session.

In order to ensure that all new County employees are equipped with the essential information detailed above, all new hires are required to participate in both sessions of the County's orientation program.