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Learning Philosophy

Kent County invests in its people. The County believes the key to being a successful organization depends largely on its employees. The County is committed to providing professional development programs so everyone has the opportunity to grow and contribute their individual talents. The value of this investment is a well-informed and skilled workforce. The result is a more effective and efficient organization that is prepared to address the many needs of residents.

Professional Growth Opportunities

Learning programs sponsored by the County are intended to assist employees in learning, improving, and refreshing the skills, knowledge, and behaviors essential to improving the quality of services delivered. Classes correspond to specific competencies/skills identified as necessary to be successful on the job in any department at any level. For further information contact Tamber Bustance at 616-632-7467


  • New Employee On-boarding: Equipping new employees for success by introducing Kent County’s work culture, values and operations.
  • Professional Growth: Promoting behaviors that enhance workplace effectiveness
  • Technology: Developing skills to use various technologies
  • Leadership Development: Enhancing individual leadership skills and supporting a network of leaders
  • Tailored Training Events: Implementing training at the request of specific County departments
  • One-on-One Training and Coaching: Assisting individual employees with achieving development goals