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To search public court records online, click here. For inquiries about cases prior to 1995, please call the court at (616) 632-7770.

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Please note:

  • The Case Search application does not display whether a case is in warrant status (a warrant has been issued for arrest).
  • The Case Search application does not display information on non-public cases. If a section of law makes a case non-public, the case will not appear.
  • Additionally, if a case is pending, the fines and costs listed may not be the total owed once the case is adjudicated.
  • Please call the court at (616) 632-7770 to verify your payment information and/or to check warrant status.

Case -Type Codes

GC - General Civil
GZ - Miscellaneous Civil
SC - Small Claims

LT - Landlord-Tenant
SP - Land Contract Summary Proceeding

EX - Extradition/Detainer
FY - Felony Criminal
OM - Ordinance Misdemeanor
SM - Statute Misdemeanor

FD - Felony Drunk Driving
FT - Felony Traffic
OD - Ordinance Misdemeanor Drunk Driving
OI - Ordinance Civil Infraction Traffic
OT - Ordinance Misdemeanor Traffic
SD - Statute Misdemeanor Drunk Driving
SI - Statute Civil Infraction Traffic
ST - Statute Misdemeanor Traffic

OK - Ordinance Parking
SK - Statute Parking

ON - Ordinance Civil Infraction Non-Traffic
SN - Statute Civil Infraction Non-Traffic