63rd District Court

Civil Department

The Civil Department of the court is made up of General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord Tenant cases.  General Civil cases involve money amounts of up to $25,000.  Small Claims handles money amounts up to $6,000, and Landlord Tenant involves disputes between landlord and tenants for possession and or unpaid rent.

At this time, case information is not available online.  Cases may be researched by using the Public Access Terminal located in our lobby.  Copies of cases or Registers of Action (computerized summary of the case) may be requested at the rate of $1/page.   Large copy requests may not be immediately available depending on the availability of the clerk.  You may need to return to pick up the copies, or provide a stamped, addressed envelope for return.


There are six district courts in Kent County: 61st (City of Grand Rapids), 59-1 (City of Grandville), 59-2 (City of Walker), 62-A (City of Wyoming), 62-B (City of Kentwood), and the 63rd District Court which covers all other areas of Kent County not previously listed.

As the plaintiff, you are responsible for filing in the proper venue.  You must select the venue based either on where the defendant lives, or where the claim that you are suing over occurred.


NEW - Civil motions are now generally held on Tuesdays, please call the court to obtain a date and time for your motions.  Multiple motions are scheduled before the judge on the same date and time.  The judge will choose the order in which the motions will be heard.

There is a $20 filing fee for all motions.  If two motions are filed together on the same case, there is just one $20 fee. 

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Court Officers

Court Officer Phone Number
Scot Jankowiak (616) 318-6988
Tom Stressman (616) 293-3807
Kurt Orcsz (616) 890-8078