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Monday - Friday
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1950 East Beltline NE
Attn: Probation Department
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Please include your name and case number on any correspondence.


The mission of the Probation Department is the enforcement of the Order of Probation, which entails a variety of conditions or requirements that the Judge has specifically ordered for an offender to complete or comply with. Probation Officers seek to accomplish this by working with the offender in referring them to appropriate agencies to receive counseling, assistance or support. The goal is to provide the person with opportunities for behavioral change and hold them accountable for making changes that are needed in their attitude, behavior or lifestyle.

Probation Officers also conduct pre-sentence investigations, alcohol and drug tests, and hold regular supervision meetings with each probationer to ensure that they are being held accountable. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of probation results in a hearing in front of the Judge at which time other penalties, including jail time, may be imposed.

The Probation Department serves unincorporated areas of Kent County, and the cities and villages of East Grand Rapids, Lowell, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sand Lake, Kent City, Byron Center, Caledonia, and Alto.

Having a Successful Probation Experience

You should make your probation a priority. The more you commit to working with your Probation Officer the less likely you will find yourself violating the terms of your probation and possibly serving a jail term. Hopefully, probation will be an opportunity for you to make significant and positive enduring changes in your life, which will keep you from returning to the court system.

The following are a few suggestions that could assist you in having a successful probation experience:

  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Follow the terms of your probation.
  • Maintain honesty with your Probation Officer.
  • Arrive on time and avoid missing appointments.
  • Keep your Probation Officer updated with any changes in your address, employment, phone numbers etc. and of any new legal involvement.
  • Avoid associating with people who are a poor influence on you thereby tempting you to engage in further illegal activity and behaviors.

Persons on probation with the 63rd District Court are required to comply with the following basic terms:

  • Not violate and criminal law or unit of government.
  • Not leave the state without consent of the court.
  • Make a truthful report to your Probation Officer as directed, either in person or in writing.
  • Notify your Probation Officer of any change of address, employment or new legal matters.
  • Pay all fines, costs and fees as directed.
  • Attend and successfully complete all counseling and educational programs as directed.

Note: Other terms will likely be included in your Order of Probation as determined by the Judge - you will receive a written copy of your Order of Probation at your first appointment.

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Policy for Reporting to Probation

  • You must report on time for all appointments on the day scheduled for your appointment.
  • An appointment may only be rescheduled in the event of an emergency (documentation required at next appointment of the emergency), or upon approval of the probation officer.
  • You must speak to your probation officer directly to request an appointment change. Phone messages are not acceptable.
  • Please arrange time and transportation for all appointments (work schedule, other appointments, or lack of transportation are not acceptable excuses.)
  • Please consult the bus schedule if you do not have your own transportation.
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Fines and Costs

All fines and costs assessed by the Judge in your case are scheduled to be paid at sentencing or according to the payment plan given by the Judge.

Payment of all court fines and costs are to be made at the 63rd District Court.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Court accepts payments made by cash, personal check, money order, cashier checks, debit or credit cards (Visa, Master Card or Discover). To pay by phone using your credit card, contact the District Court at 632-7700. A service fee will apply

Please include your name and case number on the check, money order or cashier check.

If you believe that you will not be able to pay your fines and costs off as ordered / sentenced, you may discuss this matter with the Collections Office, 616-632-7790 DCCollections@kentcountymi.gov.

This does not mean that a payment plan will be approved! You may be required to show proof of income and expenses in order to justify such a request. All payment plans are subject to approval by the Judge.

Pay Fines & Costs Online

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Information Changes

It is your responsibility to keep your Probation Officer informed (within 48 hours) of any changes in your:

  • Address
  • Legal status - such as any new arrests or charges
  • Phone numbers - including cell

You may call and leave a message with your Probation Officer to inform them of these changes. You may not attempt to reschedule an appointment by leaving a message! You must speak to your Probation Officer directly in order to request such a change.

Failure to keep your Probation Officer informed of these changes may result in a violation of your probation.

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Drug Testing

Anyone placed on probation may be required to not use, possess or consume alcohol and/or illicit drugs. In addition you may be required to submit to random preliminary breath tests to detect alcohol in your body and/or a drug urinalysis for use of illicit drugs.

There may be an additional cost for testing. If the results are contested, your specimen may be sent for additional laboratory testing, conducted at your expense.

Failure to provide an adequate sample or evidence of altering, diluting or tampering with the sample will be considered a violation of probation.

Alcohol and drug testing may be conducted when you report in person, are asked to come in for a random screen or, or sent to an outside agency.

Note: If you are required to report for a random screen you must bring in picture identification, such as a driver's license, Michigan I.D. card, student I.D. card etc. If you do not have a picture I.D., be sure to inform your probation officer.

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Leaving the State

You may travel anywhere you wish within the State of Michigan. However if you would like to leave the state, you will need to request permission from your Probation Officer. Please inform your Probation Officer at least one week prior to your leaving. You will need to provide the dates of your trip, location, and your accommodations with an address and phone number where you may be reached and notify them of your return.

Your Probation Officer has the authority to deny permission to leave the state. This is likely to occur if you are in the process of completing counseling, community service work, fulfilling other court requirements, have outstanding fines, costs or fees or have been performing poorly during your term of probation.

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Programs and Treatment

Part of your Probation program will be to attend and successfully complete any counseling, education or treatment programs that are specified by your Order of Probation. In some instances the Judge will make the determination about what you are to do, however in many cases it is the responsibility of your Probation Officer to make these decisions.

Probation is geared toward rehabilitation, correction and behavior change; you are required to enroll in all programs as soon as possible. You will be asked to sign a Release of Information and referral form so that your Probation Officer and the agency may receive and share information concerning your referral.

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Community Service

If you have been ordered to complete community service work as part of your probation conditions then you will be referred by your Probation Officer to the Community Service Caseworker, located in the Probation Department, for an intake interview. This referral will usually take place within the first few months of your probation term.

Your Probation Officer will schedule an appropriate date and time for this interview.

  • You must report on the day and time scheduled - failing to report may result in your case going back to the Judge for a probation violation hearing.
  • At your intake interview you will be required to read and sign a form which explains the rules and regulations regarding your work.
  • You are expected to comply with all of the community service rules and perform your work as scheduled. Failing to report, poor attitude or work performance will result in your Probation Officer being advised of your conduct with the possibility of termination. Failing to complete community service work will result in you serving time in jail.
  • Upon successful completion the Community Service program will send a letter of completion to your Probation Officer.
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Victim Impact Panel

Victim Impact Panel is coordinated and presented by the 61st District Court. If you are on probation to the 63rd District Court, Victim Impact Panel must be scheduled by your probation officer. If you are sentenced in another court, you may contact the coordinator with questions:

Dani Smith
Phone: 616-632-5664
Fax: 616-632-5592

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of programming can probationers expect?

Each probationer will receive individual programming depending on their charges and circumstances. The probation department uses programs such as:

  • Retail fraud groups and counseling
  • Substance abuse groups and counseling
  • Domestic violence education and counseling
  • Community Service
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Other various services that may be suitable.

What types of resources does the probation officers use in supervising probationers?

Probation officers use a variety of methods depending on the charge and circumstances of the probationer. The probation department does make use of electronic tethers, alcohol and drug screening, vehicle immobilization, and interpreters to translate for non-English speaking clients.

Does the probation department perform alcohol and drug testing on probationers?

Yes. The Probation Department provides onsite testing to its probationers.

How do I get an Adult Criminal Conviction set aside (expunged)?

Setting aside a conviction is the process that removes a certain conviction from your public criminal record. This is sometimes called an "expungement." In Michigan, there is one process to set aside a conviction on your adult record and a different process to set aside a juvenile conviction, called an adjudication. See Michigan Legal Help page about Expungement.

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An ALCOHOL/DRUG ASSESSMENT IS REQUIRED BY LAW FOR ALL OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE CHARGES! This assessment MUST be completed at YOUR expense prior to your sentencing date. The 63rd District Court will provide you with a list of approved agencies. The cost varies from agency to agency; you must call the agency for pricing. Failure to have this completed will result in a hearing for contempt of court.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Driver's License Information and Resources

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