63rd District Court

Criminal Division

Paying Misdemeanor Fines and Costs Online

Payments on nonpublic cases cannot be made online.

You can now pay 63rd District Court misdemeanor fines and costs “free of charge” by going to: https://e.courts.michigan.gov. This is a website maintained by the State of Michigan for online payment of civil infractions and misdemeanors in a limited number of courts.

First, select Kent County and Grand Rapids D63 from the drop down menus, and then search for your misdemeanor cases by entering either: Last Name & Ticket Number; Last Name & DOB; or Driver's License Number.

Your Rights

Your rights are very important. Make sure to go over your rights several times so you understand what they are, what they mean, and how they will apply to your current situation. The rights specified below. 

The Basics

Right to Trial
You have the right to trial by a jury or judge.

Right to Attorney
You have the right to an attorney. You may apply for a court appointed if you cannot afford one. The District judge will determine if you qualify.

  1. If you are indigent, and
  2. The offense charged requires a minimum jail sentence or the court determines it may sentence the defendant to jail.

NOTE: If an attorney is appointed at the public expense, you may have to repay that expense.

Misdemeanor Advice of Rights Form


You may plead in one of four ways:

  1. guilty,
  2. not guilty,
  3. stand mute, or
  4. no contest.

If you stand mute, the court will enter a plea of not guilty.

To plead no contest, you must have permission of the court. The court will give permission if you have no memory of the incident or if there is a possibility of civil liability.  

Pictures and Prints

Defendants charged with 93 day or higher criminal charges must be pictured and fingerprinted through Kent County Jail.


An arraignment is a court proceeding at the beginning of the criminal process. At an arraignment, the court will advise you of:

  • Your rights
  • The charges being brought against you, and
  • The penalties you will face if you plead guilty or are found guilty of the charges.

Please bring money in with you at the time of your plea and sentencing to be prepared for paying fines and costs.


An expungement is simply setting aside a conviction. The expungement, when approved, will make the conviction nonpublic. For more information, instructions and forms, please visit Michigan Legal Help for more information.