17th Circuit Court

Courtroom Technology

How to Reserve Courthouse Equipment

This is an overview of how to effectively reserve courthouse equipment through the Kent County Help Desk. Courthouse equipment includes:

  • Evidence Carts
  • Mobile Recording Systems (Each system has its own mic and recording mechanism.)
  • Mobile Video Conferencing Carts and Video Conference Connections (The mobile video conferencing carts (MVC) are used for in-house video connections only.)

There are 4 evidence carts that each contain:

  • Projector
  • VCR
  • Visual Presenter (ELMO)
  • Color Printer


In order for the Help Desk to better serve you they will need to know a few minor details. The help desk can be reached at (616) 632-6600 from 7am – 5pm. All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. All other requests are subject to equipment availability. To ensure that the equipment will be available and set up on time, it is imperative to reserve it as soon as possible! Video Conferencing may need to be scheduled at least a week in advance for proper set up and scheduling.


Call the help desk at (616) 632-6600, or email them at it-helpdesk@kentcountymi.gov. The help desk will need to know the following information when asked to reserve equipment for courthouse use:

  1. Name and phone number
  2. Type of equipment needed
  3. Location to set up equipment (courtroom)
  4. Set up time
  5. Tear down time

Since others use this same equipment on a daily basis, it is important to have an idea as to when the equipment can be picked up. You can also contact the help desk for items to be removed from a courtroom after it is done being used.