17th Circuit Court

17th Circuit Court - COVID-19 Response

Due to the Governor’s Executive Orders, and following the Guidance of The Michigan Supreme Court, the 17 th Circuit Court remains open and continues to provide service to the public but no in-person service or hearings will take place until June 29, 2020 with the following possible exceptions:

  • The 17th Circuit Court will continue to accept Personal Protection Order Petitions.
  • Certain hearings, as determined by the assigned judge, may require a party to appear but only under specific circumstances.
  • The Judicial staff will contact anyone with a hearing scheduled to provide instruction on how it will proceed.

All remote hearings will be conducted using Zoom and will be livestreamed on YouTube for the public to view. While there will be no in-person service available, please see the following links to contact us.


Friend of the Court

The Friend of the Court has dismissed or adjourned all of its hearings. The lobby is being closed, and appointments will only be by phone. The public will be given instructions to contact the FOC via phone or e-mail for assistance. Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order requiring citizens to “shelter in place” beginning March 24, 2020, permits parents to travel as required to permit parenting time exchanges under a valid custody or parenting time order. Please continue to follow your parenting time orders.
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Circuit Court Clerks Office

The Circuit Court Clerks Office will be taking the following steps:

  • Pleadings must be mailed to the court with the appropriate filing fee. Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • Ex-Parte Pleadings may be submitted to: ccclerksexparte@kentcountymi.gov. Appropriate filing fees must be mailed or waived. More information forthcoming regarding online payments.
  • Restitution payments must be paid online.
  • Certified court records available online.
  • No in-person access to records until further notice; call or email for assistance. Contact Us
Do not come to court but communicate with the court by phone if:
  • You are sick or have a cough fever
  • You have been exposed to someone infected by COVID-19
  • You have been out of the country in a place currently experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak

If you have questions please go to this link for contact information for all the departments of the courts and judicial offices, CONTACT US BEFORE COMING TO COURT.

Remote Hearings

Remote hearings may be “livestreamed” on YouTube.