Drain Commissioner

Development Drainage Rules and Fees

Development Drainage Rules
LGROW Design Spreadsheet

Drainage Fees

Development Review Fee Schedule
Preliminary Plat: 22 or less lots $ 200.00
23 or more lots $9.00 / lot
Resubmittal Fee - Expired Preliminary plat: $100.00
Resubmittal Fee - Redesign or conceptual change*: $50.00
*If there has been a redesign or conceptual change from that of the original submittal which requires an extensive review.
Mobile Home Park $250.00
Apartments and Condominiums $250.00
Site Condominiums $250.00
Industrial/Commercial Dev 10 acres or less $250.00
11 acres or more $350.00
Permit Fee: Permit to cross a County Drain with utilities, roads, drives & etc.: $50.00**
**If a violation occurs which results in the permit being revoked, a new permit must be obtained and a new fee paid: $100.00
Final Inspection Fee - Plat $200.00