Drain Commissioner

Drain Maintenance

The County Drain Commissioner can spend up to $5,000 per year, per mile of a County Drain in non-petitioned maintenance work according to Section 196 of the Drain Code. Maintenance typically includes debris or log jam removal from open watercourses, excavating sediment from channels, or small repairs to storm sewer systems. Work with costs exceeding the maintenance limit require a Municipal Resolution or Petition to complete.

If you have a complaint or request for maintenance, please submit a request through the “Report a Drain Problem” tab on the left.

2021-2022 Current Maintenance Map

Pre-Qualified Contractors

The Drain Code requires our office to maintain a list of pre-qualified contractors selected for all non-bid maintenance work.

Project Highlights

Examples of successful drain maintenance projects are forthcoming. For more information, please view the videos below.