Office of Community Corrections


Kent County Office of Community Corrections (OCC) staff are responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to those sentenced for felony offenses and program performance. More specifically, Kent County OCC gathers data related to the following items:

  • Disposition and characteristics of those sentenced for felony offenses obtained from OMNI data submitted to OCC staff by 17th Circuit Court Probation staff
  • Data related to those that are booked and housed within the Kent County Correctional Facility (KCCF)
  • Program performance and utilization data for those programs that funded and supported by OCC funding

Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating this data to stakeholders in the criminal justice system and local community aids in the development of sound criminal justice policy as well as assisting stakeholders with their own grant work and other initiatives. The following information is available as an example of the data analysis that can be provided by Kent County OCC staff:

Kent County Felony Disposition by Disposition Type

Total number of those sentenced for felony offenses as well as the types of dispositions received for Kent County and the State of Michigan:

2019-2021 | 2016-2018 | 2015-2017 | 2012-2014

Selected Offender Characteristics for Felony Offenders Sentenced for New Felony Offenses

These tables illustrate the differences between those sentenced for new felony offenses to dispositions involving prison, straight jail, a split sentence of probation and jail, or straight probation for a number of selected characteristics.

2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018

Examples of Other Analyses

Kent County OCC staff continues to provide data and statistical analysis assistance to a wide-range of community and criminal justice stakeholders to help these entities with their grant and other projects. As an example of this work, Kent County OCC staff compiled information to provide a broad overview of how COMPAS risk/need assessment data is reviewed and utilized for planning services by the Kent County CCAB. Briefly, COMPAS data is utilized to establish what services are needed in Kent County based on the needs of those sentenced to probation as well as eligibility requirements for those services.

Top 5 COMPAS Need Scales 2019 - 2021

Public Information and Education

Funded by public tax dollars, Kent County Office of Community Corrections data is available to the community as a resource for data and statistical information regarding the criminal justice system in Kent County. Statistical data or additional information regarding Kent County felony offender populations may be requested by contacting the Kent County Office of Community Corrections via phone, fax, or in writing.