Office of Community Corrections

Advisory Board

Appointed by the Kent County Board of Commissioners, the Kent County Community Corrections Advisory Board (CCAB) is responsible for community corrections planning and policy-making with regards to the community corrections funding received from the Michigan Office of Community Corrections (MOCC). The Kent County CCAB has thirteen members representing a cross-section of criminal justice stakeholders in Kent County. Meeting periodically through the year, CCAB members review and discuss issues pertinent to the criminal justice system in Kent County and how community corrections programming can positively impact these issues. CCAB members also must approve the annual community corrections grant that funds the Kent County Office of Community Corrections.

Current members of the Kent County CCAB:

  • CCAB Chairperson – Honorable Mark Trusock
  • District Court Judge – Honorable Michael Distel
  • Family Division Judge – Honorable Patricia Gardner
  • Business Community – Carolyn Sutherby
  • Chief of Police – Chief Kim Koster (City of Wyoming)
  • Circuit Court Probation – Christine Witters
  • Communications/Media – Angelina Morales
  • County Commissioner – Robert Womack
  • County Prosecutor – Chris Becker
  • County Sheriff – Captain Lyndsie Cole
  • Criminal Defense – Laura Joyce
  • General Public - Tiffany Newman
  • Service Area – Michelle Bryk (Women’s Resource Center)

CCAB meetings are open to the public and are generally held quarterly on Wednesday mornings at 7:30am in the 3rd Floor Conference Room in the Kent County Courthouse. If in person meetings are not possible, the CCAB will meet via Zoom at 8:00am. Although subject to change, 2021 meeting dates are set for March 10, May 12, September 15 and December 8.

CCAB Subcommittee

Jail Bed Monitoring Committee: This committee meets periodically to monitor judicial utilization of jail beds as outlined in the Jail Bed Allocation Agreement. The agreement, which works as a mechanism that is used to avoid jail overcrowding in Kent County, details the allotment of jail beds at the Kent County Correctional Facility between all Circuit, Family, and District Courts in Kent County.