Office of Community Corrections

Probation Residential Services

Although Community Corrections no longer contracts with Probation Residential Services (PRS), these facilities play an important role in reducing the prison commitment rate in Kent County by providing alternatives to incarceration. PRS facilities provide structured rehabilitative treatment environments for those under pretrial supervision as well as those convicted of felony offences in Kent County as well as throughout Michigan

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) currently contracts with 19 agencies throughout Michigan to provide residential services to those on pretrial supervision as well as those sentenced for felony offenses that meet eligibility requirements that center on those having medium to high risk and/or needs as measured by the COMPAS Risk/Need Assessment tool. MDOC holds the contract directly with the PRS agencies which allows those meeting eligibility requirements to be placed with any of the agencies in Michigan. The attached document lists the 19 PRS agencies in Michigan currently funded by MDOC as well as their eligibility requirements, referral information, services provided, plus address and contact information.

Probation Residential Services Directory