Kent County Employee Benefits

Prescription Coverage

Kent County offers a self-funded prescription drug program which is administered through Capital Rx. The prescription drug plan enables the County, and its employees, to realize significant savings in the cost of prescription drugs by participating in large-scale purchasing through Capital Rx.

Capital Rx Customer Service

Customer Service: 1-844-532-2779
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Value Investment Prescription Plan

Kent County's VIP plan removed the co-pay for generic drugs used in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension. By making these medications available with no co-pay, Kent County is supporting members who must take their medication correctly and consistently to avoid developing more serious health problems. Additionally, insulin that is on Capital Rx's formulary (preferred) list will be made available for the cost of generic medications.

Step Therapy Program

Most medical conditions have multiple medication options. Although their clinical effectiveness may be similar, prices can vary widely. With the Step Therapy program, you get the treatment you need, usually at a lower cost. (Check your contract or handbook to see if this benefit applies to your employee group.)