Kent County Veterans Services

Burial Assistance

Kent County Veterans Services provides access to burial benefits for deceased veterans or a veteran’s deceased spouse. Kent County can pay $300 to eligible applicants to offset the cost of a veteran’s burial, as well as an $80 reimbursement to eligible applicants for the placement of the free VA headstone or marker.

County Benefits

Required Info:

  • Completed Burial Allowance Application, signed by the mortician
  • DD 214 or similar showing dates of active service and character of discharge
  • Death certificate, showing Kent county as decedent’s home of residence
  • Invoice from the funeral home showing cost of services, current balance, and name of the person responsible for costs.

Applicants can receive these benefits if:

  • Veteran meets criteria for wartime era service
  • The deceased person is the spouse of a veteran
  • The applicant’s assets are not excessive
  • The veteran or spouse was a resident of Kent County at the time of death

Federal Benefits

KCVS can help apply for federal burial benefits as well. Deceased veterans may also be entitled to federal burial benefits such as:

  • Federal burial allowances
  • Free VA Headstone or Marker
  • Burial flags
  • Presidential Memorial certificates

Interment in National Cemeteries

All veterans and their spouses are eligible for free burial at any national cemetery. The two closest cemeteries are Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan. You can receive more information by calling (269) 731-4164. Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan. You can receive more information by calling (248) 328-0386

Grave Markers and Foundation

All veterans are eligible for a free Veterans Administration Grave Marker if they died on or after December 27, 2001. Prior to that date, markers could only be given to those veterans with unmarked graves. If there is a placement cost for the marker and the Kent County Veterans Services has assisted with burial expenses, then the person that pays for the VA Marker placement is entitled to a reimbursement of up to $80. Information on obtaining grave markers can be obtained through the Funeral Director handling arrangements, or through the cemetery handling the interment.

For assistance with these matters contact Kent County Veterans Services (616) 632-5722.