Financial Hardship

Hardship Extensions are designed to delay foreclosure deadlines for no more than one year for owners who are working actively to catch up on delinquent property taxes.

Disclaimer: Submitting a Financial Hardship Deferral Application does not guarantee it will be approved.

Who Can Apply?*
  • Anyone that owns or hold title to property (by recorded deed or land contract).
  • Must occupy the property as a principal residence.
  • Demonstration or provide proof to a substantial financial hardship.

*Must meet all three qualifications

How do I apply?
  1. Complete a “Financial Hardship Deferral Application form”.
  2. You must fill out the “Financial Plan for Payment” section on page 3 of Application form.
    This section is to: “Describe the plan to resolve the delinquent taxes”
    Plans may include one or more of the following:
    • Regular payments or recent history of making regular payments.
    • Assistance from local help agency.
    • Sale or refinancing of the property.
  3. Return in person, by mail to Kent County Treasurer, PO Box Y, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 or by e-mail at
What type of property is it?

The class code of your property may determine the approval of the deferral. Other factors may play a role as well. Property types: 100% Principal Resident Exemption “PRE” (own and live in home entire year), rental, commercial, or other.

How would I know if my application has been approved?

You will either receive an approval letter from our office, or a staff member will reach out to you if your application is incomplete or we have questions.

What if I received an Extension last year, can I apply again?

A Hardship Deferral is a one-time deferral. If you received a Hardship Extension last year, paid in full the delinquent tax, and are still facing a financial hardship then you can apply again.

Will the Application to Withhold Property from Foreclosure due to Substantial Financial Hardship reduce or eliminate my taxes?

No. Once property taxes are billed, by state law, they cannot be reduced by the Kent County Treasurer. Interest and fees will continue to accumulate during the extension period.

What is the deadline to apply for a Financial Hardship Extension request?

Before March 1st

Who can I contact for more information and to obtain an application for Financial Hardship Extension?

You can call our office at 616-632-7500, e-mail at or stop by our office at:

Treasurer’s Office
Kent County Administration Building
300 Monroe Ave NW- 1 st Floor
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | Map

Financial Deferral Form