Register of Deeds

Plat Board

Preliminary and final approval of all plats shall be considered at the regular bimonthly meeting of the Kent County Plat Board. All discussions and proceedings shall be held under the organization of said Board and in compliance with Act 267 of the Public Acts of 1976, the Open Meetings Act. Any interested party, member of a governing body involved, owner of the land to be platted and the surveyor or engineer in charge of a subject plat is invited to attend the Plat Board meetings.

Deadline to submit a plat for review is 3:00pm the day prior to a scheduled meeting.
Questions regarding Plat Board can be directed to Kent County Register of Deeds office at (616) 632-7610.

Plat Board Members

  • Lisa Posthumus Lyons, County Clerk
  • Stan Stek, Kent County Board Chair
  • Peter F. MacGregor, County Treasurer
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